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Find a Floor Guy is a virtual bridge between the Flooring Consumer and Professional Floor Covering Installer, aka “Floor Guy”. It’s a unique option for the diligent buyer who prefers a hands-on approach to the ultimate success of their flooring project; and the independent Floor Guy who wants to be part of a movement designed to offer fine craftsmanship directly to the people that appreciate it most.

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For no cost it allows Consumers to search its database for Floor Guys that service their particular region. Think of it as a Google type search engine for finding Floor Guys. doesn’t ad track or squeeze Consumers for contact information, no sign-up is required. If you’re the type that prefers to interact and would like to leave reviews, ratings and/or private messages for a Floor Guy, or subscribe and comment on our Blog, you’ll need to register on our site with a valid email address. is a fledgling endeavor by an active floor covering installation veteran whose objective is to connect Consumers and Floor Guys. By building a comprehensive, visually appealing, online directory that when complete will be composed of an army of nearly 200,000 hard-working Floor Guys that service almost 42,000 nooks and crannies across the United States where we all might want or need skilled floor covering tradesmen.

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