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Karastan Carpet Installation Techniques

This is an almost fifty minute, ten part video produced in the early 90’s. It was originally distributed on VHS and has been remastered for the internet by FindaFloorGuy.com. It is an overview of the Karastan Professional Carpet Installation Certification and includes tried & true techniques that are still relevant today. The CFI certification program and those that followed sprung from this program. This piece of history has been preserved to guide future generations of carpet craftsmen and it is yours for no money when you join the movement at FindaFloorGuy.com.


Karastan Installation Techniques for Installers

To receive access to the video you must have a Google account. Use the contact form below to send a link to your newly created FindaFloorGuy listing, include the word Karastan and your Google account email. You will receive the video access link using the FindaFloorGuy.com messaging system.

What’s in the Carpet Installation Techniques Video?

1. Introduction

  • Work Order
  • Identify Merchandise
  • Acclimate Carpet
  • Inspection of Carpet
  • Verify

2. Patterned Carpets

  • Bow
  • Skew
  • Pattern Elongation
  • Seam Trimming
  • Seam Construction
  • Pattern Matching

3. Professionalism

  • Arrival at Job Site
  • Inspect and Verify Materials
  • Installer Conduct

4. Cushion

  • Area Protection
  • Tack strip
  • Cushion Specification
  • Seam Minimization
  • Tools

5. Stretching

  • Deadman
  • Power Stretching
  • Pattern Alignment

6. Seaming

  • Trimming
  • Row Finders
  • Sealing
  • Cross Seams

7. Seam Peaking

  • Advanced Seaming Techniques
  • Hot Melt Seaming a Woven Cut Pile Carpet

8. Stairs

  • Waterfall Step Installation
  • Cap Upholstery
  • Working Around Spindles

9. Stair Sewing

  • Stair Runners
  • Wilton Carpet Installed as a Drum Step
  • Installing Around a Birdcage
  • Hand Sewing Seams

10. Customer Satisfaction

  • Job Completion
  • Conclusion

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  • Bob Builder

    This is an awesome video! I appreciate the knowledge.

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