This is the seam within a few weeks after installation. The seam was gapped and the yarn fell into the void and stuck to the double-faced tape.

To repair:

  • Remove Carpet
  • Re-trim seams. Removing the carpet from the tape may compromise the carpet backing and cause it not to bond to the new tape.
  • Remove old tape and install new making sure it bonds well to the subfloor.
  • Reposition carpet at seams with no gaps.
  • Peel tape slowly making sure no gaps exist in the seam prior to setting the carpet on the tape. Repositioning is not possible.
  • Carpet can’t be stretched so you’ll need an additional fill to account for the material that was removed at the seam.
  • Air.o is designed as a temporary installation. If you adhere any part of it with an adhesive other than the recommended tape you are creating a permanent installation and may damage the floor underneath.
mohawk air.o carpet

Mohawk’s air.o has an attached synthetic cushion. No additional cushion is required.

Air.o Carpet from Mohawk is a temporary floor covering option and simple to install. It’s simple enough that a DIYer can successfully install wall-to-wall carpet. Don’t ask me how or why, but some professional floor guys still get it wrong.


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